Artist Statement

Alicia Mack:  Artist Statement

Each day of our lives we spend breathing. We inhale and exhale our earth’s air to sustain life.  We may not be aware of this, but it is a constant. Consider the rise and fall of the chest, the expansion of the lungs to fill with oxygen. This volume is not just a necessity, but is also a gesture; a deep sigh, a slow calm inhalation, or a gasp to fill the lungs before entering water.

When I explore the qualities of breath or softness, I turn to my potter’s wheel, or hand build soft slabs to make forms that capture air and remain soft. I use fabric motifs as a source, often using the textures found in textiles.

Often my work is functional, and meant to play a role in the daily moments of the user. At other times, I use textured, soft slab pieces to lend form and grace to a surface in a room. When I bring the work to the walls, shadows on the forms become pronounced, making the fabric-like forms more dramatic. I am on a constant search for forms that are simple, quiet and visually soft.